Are you a serious real estate investor?

Maryland Real Estate Investors:
You are making a BIG mistake if
you don't have a real estate license!


Already licensed?
Learn about the awesome 100% commission programs
offered by Real Estate Professionals, Inc.


Don't buy or sell another house until
you investigate the possibility of
getting licensed as a Real Estate Investor Agent
with Real Estate Professionals, Inc.


Why should a real estate investor
have a real estate license?


Find more deals!

Many of the properties you will be chasing as an investor are so inexpensive or offer such a low commission that no real estate agent will want to work with you. We buy properties through online auctions where the commission to the buyer agent is $0 to $400.00. We will show you the types of properties that you can buy with little or no competition through online auctions and bidding platforms. Many of these properties are not available on the MLS and are invisible to your competition!

If your agent is giving you a lockbox code instead of meeting you at a property they are telling you that its not worth their time.


Represent yourself in real estate transactions!

Who would do a better job representing you in a real estate deal, an agent who only gets paid if a sale closes or you representing yourself?

You will get better deals and create better negotiations when you represent yourself and negotiate for yourself. Nobody looks out for you like you!


Direct "agent" access to the MRIS MLS system 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to search properties or run comps!

Find the exact properties that you want to buy!

We will show you our super advanced tactics on how to use the MLS system to troll for good deals and have the golden nugget properties you want delivered right to your email.


Look at properties right away and at your convenience!

We will provide you with a set of HUD/bank owned keys so that you can check out HUD owned, bank owned and foreclosed homes at a moment's notice.

Quick access = Dollars. Never again call a real estate agent and wait for the call that never comes.

Never have an agent blow you off or make you wait to see a hot property so that you lose your opportunity to buy it.


Churn out lots of offers that agents don't have time to write up!

We will show you exactly where you can directly bid on foreclosed homes online without any paperwork required. We can show you a simple $30.00 computer program that you can use to make offers online in less than 60 seconds. We can give you access to our forms program and custom templates to make generating offers easy.

Your success in getting great deals depends on your ability to submit lots of offers on the right homes! We can show you how to target the right ones!


Earn sales commissions when you buy a property!

Can you believe that you can get paid to sell a bargain property to yourself?

You can be paid hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars just to act as your own agent in a real estate transaction where you are the buyer.

We will show you how easy it is!


List your renovated properties for sale in the MLS with no listing commission!

Never again pay thousands of dollars in listing commissions to see your gorgeous renovated property sell in days.

We will give you access to our vendors that can take professional photos of your property or stage it so that it will sell quickly.

Since our Investor Agent Program is a 100% commission system you won't have to charge nor pay a listing commission when you sell your rehabbed property.

You will save thousands of dollars each time you sell a property!


Make more money!

Earn a sales commission for buying a property and list it for no listing commission and you will make way more money than your competitors!

This difference also means that you may be able to make a more competitive offer in a multiple offer situation.


Many of your competitors are Investor
Agents because they know the
tremendous advantage they have!


Case Study

An investor/agent with Real Estate Professionals, Inc. purchased a property at 708 Virginia Avenue Essex, MD 21221. Since he was an investor/agent he had access to look at the property, evaluate comps and make an offer right away. The property was purchased through an online auction for $69,300.00. The property was resold after renovation for $229,900.00! The agent was paid a commission on the purchase for selling the property to himself. Since the investor is an agent with Real Estate Professionals, Inc. 100% commission plan, the Investor Agent was able to list the property for sale and pay only 2.5% sales commission to the buyer agent instead of 5% sales commission or more to pay a listing agent and buyer agent.

This one transaction helped the investor/agent pocket over $6,000.00 more than if he didn't have a real estate license!


Being a real estate Investor Agent
can make your business more
profitable and outrageously successful!


Case Study

An investor/agent with Real Estate Professionals, Inc. found a nice single family home in Edgemere at 3000 Ritchie Avenue listed for sale on the HUD website for $56,377.00 on a rainy February evening at 7 PM. Because the sale was a recent fall through, the MLS still showed the property listed as under contract! Since he was an investor/agent and had access to a set of HUD keys (we can provide these keys for free to you). He looked at the property that evening, put in an electronic bid before the midnight bidding deadline and won an accepted bid on the property by the next morning at $52,900.00

If he wasn't an Investor Agent there would be no deal. Instead he scored a super sweet deal full of equity that nobody else knew about thanks to his status as an Investor Agent!


Yes! Tell me more. Please contact me about becoming a Real Estate Investor Agent.

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