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Real Estate Professionals, Inc. is a highly rated real estate broker in Maryland. We have been licensed since 2002 and have successfully SOLD over 8,000 properties!


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Why deal with us?


- No fee to seller
(If your property qualifies for auction you pay no fee to sell your property. Our fees, transfer and recordation taxes and closing costs are paid by the buyer)

- As-Is Sale
(your property will be sold in as-is condition and you won't spend money or time making repairs)

- We pay all marketing and advertising expenses
(you will not pay any advertising or marketing costs to sell your property at auction)

- We spend money marketing to potential buyers in the area
(we spend our money advertising your property on sites like zillow and and hundreds of others. We may already have a buyer for your home.)

- We take on all of the risk and expense of selling your home!
You can terminate our agreement at any time by just sending us an email, text message or making a phone call.
(a real guarantee that means something)


Justin Coe Real Estate Auctioneer in Baltimore County MD

Justin Coe
licensed real estate auctioneer in Baltimore County
licensed real estate salesperson in Maryland




The auction division of Real Estate Professionals, Inc. is an auction houses and real estate auctioneers proudly serving Baltimore County, MD.


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